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Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Excerpt from Pat’s best seller A is for Attitude.

Your attitude is one of your greatest assets. It is your attitude and your thoughts that will determine whether you master all that is available to you from life’s rich platter. Personally, I found that as long as I was afraid that a new challenge would be too much for me to handle, I was outmatched. As long as I thought my boss would find my suggestions irrelevant, I was rejected. When I thought that I knew more than my colleagues, I didn’t learn. And, finally, as long as I thought that I couldn’t make a difference, I didn’t make a difference. Once I made the decision that not much would change unless I first changed my mind, I was able to move forward. Only when I stood up, spoke up, opened up, and reached out was I able to move forward and take my place in the world. It was then that I discovered this powerful secret. Winners have a winning attitude.

Your thoughts direct what is and what will be, where you’ll go and what you’ll accomplish in your life. You alone determine how far you can go in life, and the possibilities are endless. No family members, friends, foes, teachers, counselors, mentors, preachers, or employers, no one else can determine your plight or progress. YOU can exceed your potential. YOU can exceed every test, every evaluation, every expectation, every study, every database, every demographic compilation of statistical information on like individual’s who, by all reports, based on scientific analysis, should not go beyond where they are. You can do it ! In sum, your attitude determines your stretch!

How can you get started in the right direction? First, stop whining. Stop the excuses and explanations and the rehearsal of the litany of self-imposed inhibitors that keep you forever in the attitude that you cannot go beyond where you are. Remember: ‘There are no victims, only volunteers.” Every time you decide that the forces are working against you, your assets are being placed in a box with a lid and a lock. You alone hold the key. YOU have to be the one to discover your own treasures.

Next, pay attention to everything that comes out of your mouth. Think carefully about what you say, how you say it, and to whom you say it. Above all, carry conversations forward in a positive, constructive, and meaningful way. Mastery in communication is vital. The Greek proverb states: “Act quickly: Think slowly.” If you take the time to articulate your points clearly, concisely, and sincerely, matters of contention will tend to disappear or dissipate, for the true language of the heart disarms opponents. Then remember to honor your words – whether spoken or written – for people want you to be as good as a pledge, as true as your promise, and loyal to your word.

Third, become aware of the messages you are sending with your body language. This unspoken language must align with the message you wish to transmit. When you are in conversation, for instance, make sure that you give others your full attention. Look them in the eye and make sure that your eyes are in sync with your words. If you are meeting with them in your office, look up from your pile of papers and let voice mail take your calls. If you’re not interested in conversing or don’t have the time, don’t start a conversation. It is far kinder to excuse yourself from a discussion than to engage in a distracted or disinterested way.

Finally, be meticulous in the choice of people with whom you surround yourself: They too send an important message about your values and intentions. And they can influence, reinforce, and even control your thinking. After leaving your friend’s company, do you find your spirits consistently lifted, do you feel poised to be your best possible self? Or do you feel negative and pessimistic about other people and life in general. Do not become detoured by others who offer dark opinions, take your energy, or do not support your vision for your life.

As you begin moving along the straight and steady path toward accomplishing your goals and dreams, you will discover that you alone set the pace and the place of your victory lap.

Next month, Pat will talk about using your brainpower.


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